Mermaid Mauritius

Mermaid Swimming.

Don’t we all love Arielle – the little Mermaid and her friends Sebastian and Fabius?
Mermaid swimming

has become increasingly popular in recent years. Around the world, there are now not only children, but also women and men who train becoming professional mermaids and merman.
We associate childhood dreams and fantasies with these mythical creatures.

To make dreams come true a little, we offer different levels of training and courses to get familiar with the Monofin and the Mermaidtail.

Start your adventure with the

Try Mermaid course

containing a short briefing followed by practical exercises in the lagoon.


two afternoons in the lagoon, with specific exercises, where you already get a feeling for how sporty and demanding such a Mermaidtail and the Monofin can be. The course ends of course with a certification.

Ocean Mermaid

after the Mermaid Program, an upgrade to Ocean Mermaid is possible. Here, additional training in open water up to 5 mt is offered.

Model Mermaid

whether lagoon or ocean, who does not want to be able to pose properly?

Mermaid Instructor

please contact us for detailed requirements.

All courses are of course offered with pictures of the course.