a typical day at SeaUrchin Divers in Mauritius Flic en Flac, west coast

A day @SeaUrchin_DC.

Opening hours: Weekdays from 8:00 – 16:00
We do 2-Tank-dives in the early morning
Outing at 9:00, meeting time at the center 8:15
For refresher and beginner, meeting time is 7:45



A typical day – Before we dive

All certified divers are required to arrive half an hour before their dive in order to organize any equipment needed. Should you require transportation to the Center before your dive we also offer a free pick-up service for those staying in the Flic en Flac or Wolmar area.

The first thing to do when arriving at the DiveCenter is to check in by providing us with your licence and log book. There will also be some paperwork to complete before you receive any equipment, when this is all finished we will take a short walk to the dive boat.

The boat will meet us at Flic en Flac’s port. There is no need to worry about carrying heavy equipment as we are happy to take all your tanks to the beach on our PickUp.

On the boat every diver is provided with their Scuba tank- we normally dive with 10,12, or 15-liter steel or 12l Aluminium cylinders. It is up to the diver to assemble their own equipment. Of course, we are happy to offer a helping hand if needed.

During the boat ride, your instructor will brief you on any necessary information for your session. Back at the site we enter the water using the role-back-entry.

Every dive we offer is guided, following the laws and regulations of Mauritius. The guides take full responsibility for their group. On each dive, a 3-minute safety stop must be completed before returning to the surface.

After the dive

After your dive, you are able to return to the boat by using the ladder. If you like, you can pass your equipment to the skipper before climbing back into the boat. On the boat, every diver is responsible for the disassembly of the rental equipment as well as the care of their regulator.

Back in the Diving School, we ask that all your tools are rinsed in the basins provided before being returned to us for storage.

After every dive, we offer you the chance to return to the dive school for a hot drink and a cosy chat with your fellow divers or, if you prefer, a quiet moment to fill in your log book. You are of course welcome to stay as long as you wish after your dive.

Both the boat and the dive school are well-equipped with all appropriate emergency equipment: oxygen, water, and First Aid Kits are all within easy reach, should they be required. Each team member is either trained in First Aid or is even a certified First Aid Instructor (PADI, EFR Instructor, SSI React Right Instructor or CMAS Moniteur de Secourisme).

We are looking forward to meeting you and would be delighted to answer any query you may have.

Welcome to SeaUrchin we look forward to enjoying a typical day with you…

For more information, please e-mail us.