Nine must-watch Ocean Documentations

We all know that Oceans are the largest habitat on our planet, and yet few people encounter or think about the ocean often. A lot of us want to keep in touch with the oceans, therefore we tried to pick out some of our favourite Documentaries about the Ocean and its Habitants.

Blue Planet

We start our list with both of the BBC series, Blue Planet from 2001 and Blue Planet II from 2017. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the series both dive deep into the marine environment of Planet Earth. Blue Planet is one of the reasons why many of us have fallen in love with the oceans and pursued careers around the sea. To be seen on Netflix.

The Cove

The documentation from 2009 follows a team of activists, film-makers and freedivers embarking on a covert mission to expose dolphin hunting practices in a remote cove in Taiji, Japan.


A Canadian documentary from 2006 by Rob Stewart. His first film brought the devastating issue of shark finning used in shark fin soup to the worlds stage. Even though, today more than 90 countries have banned shark finning or trade of shark, they have been fished to extinction.

Sharkwater Extinction

Sharkwater Extinction (2018) follows the first documentation of Rob Stewart, a thrilling and inspiring journey, exposing the massive illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it.

Deap Seas

Originally made as an IMAX film, Deep Sea takes a swim through the oceans and features a huge array of sea life including jellyfish, turtles, sharks, and whales. The narration is provided by Johny Depp and Kate Winslet.

Chasing Corals

This documentary follows a team of scientists and divers as they explore the problem of coral bleaching. Covering more than 30 countries the team looks at why does coral bleaching occur and how can it be stopped.

A Plastic Ocean

This eye-opening documentary looks at what happens to all the plastic that gets thrown away (spoiler: most of it ends up in the oceans). Craig Leeson, an award-winning journalist, teams up with Tanya Streeter, a world champion Freediver to create a film that blends adventure, travel, and science covering the whole world.

Mission Blue

This Netflix documentary featured Dr. Sylvia Earl and telling her life story. Taking viewers on an inspirational and moving journey from Dr. Earl’s childhood home on the Gulf Coast, to a lifetime of dedicated work on waters around the globe.

Turtle: The incredible journey

Turtle: The incredible Journey documents the life history of an individual turtle from hatching to adulthood. Only about 1 in 1000 sea turtles survive to adulthood.

Do you have any other favourite ocean documentaries you consider must-watch?

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