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If you find yourself stuck at home during the next few weeks, try our online training. All SSI programs can be sold and registered over the phone or online done on your phone, tablet or computer.
Ecological Program Bundle

The Ecology Courses are not only for divers, they are for everyone that shows interest in our oceans and their habitants. It’s perfect to get a profound knowledge about what to expect underwater. It combines the 6 Specialities Marine Ecology, Shark Ecology, Turtle Ecology, Manta Ray Ecology, Fish Identification & Coral Identification.

You want to know what species of Sea Turtles you saw during your dives. See the difference between a Stonefish and a Scorpionfish. Or learn why Sharks are so important for the Ecosystem and far away from being the blood thirsty predator media wants us to believe.

These courses are very educative, not only for Divers. To underline the awareness of our amazing underwater world and it’s fragility as well as the importance of helping to protect it. We promote these courses during the most of us are facing lockdowns and practising social distance.

You can join us by simply creating your SSI Account following the link and get in touch with us.

Science of diving

No water, no problem. The Science of Diving Speciality gives you an overall knowledge about diving. It’s an academic course done online.

Mission Deep Blue

A Program created to raise the awareness of the environmental problems our oceans are suffering day by day. Its main objective is to support the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic environments, including oceans, seas, coasts, and waterways and their magnificent diversity of plant and animal species.

The Mission Deep Blue Online Course is free of charge and accessible for Divers and Non-Divers. We‘re all responsible for protecting our aquatic resources, and we want our clients to think critically, and take positive action whenever they travel and dive.

All other Diving Courses

are of course available. All SSI Programs can be sold and registered over the phone or online and done on your phone, tablet or computer. The academic can be taken online and studied at home, while the in-water training can occur at a later date.